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How to do Online Marketing for Your Online Store

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Using Online Shopping Directories to Market Your Online Store

Advertising and marketing your online store these days can mean doing a lot of different things and trying a number of different methods. Some work better than others. Using online directories that relate to your product or store is a good way to attract targeted traffic. There are a number of good shopping directory websites, product comparison shopping websites or online shopping malls that you can list your website in for free or a small fee.

What You Should Know About Online Marketing:

» Online sales are up over 30% for most online retailers this year. Why? Because it's faster, easier to compare pricing, more convenient, more timely deals and people are getting more comfortable with online buying every year. Additionally, the average item to be purchased online many years ago was a book or coffee mug. Today people are purchasing furniture, computers, big televisions and lots of clothing.

» The problem for the small business shopping websites is you will have to get very creative with your marketing to compete with the large name brand stores like Target, Sears and Amazon. Having a name brand is great but small shops can get around this by researching their nitch and knowing their vertical. What need does your product fill in your customer's life?

» There are some other things to consider when you're looking at a place to list your online store. Be sure to find out the directories' pricing and billing plan, how fast will your listing be posted. Do you have the ability to update your listing and how easy it? Will online shoppers to find your listing and how much traffic the shopping mall or directory gets on a monthly basis?

Get Listed!

» First, try searching for "online shopping", or "online shopping mall" or a similar directory type term, in a search engine. Some of the top websites that come up will be online shopping malls or shopping sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Many of these online directories or online malls will be strictly affiliate driven websites that only list those big name brands or products so these may not even list your shop. If your product is already popular and well recognized setting up your own affiliate program and soliciting this type of mall could work perfectly for you. Many of the directories or shopping engines you will find will list your website for a small fee per month or year. They may require a product feed or other technical items to get your products listed so this may be difficult for some smaller retailers.

» As you can see there are a number of things to look at when learning how to do online marketing for your small online store. By placing your link in a popular online shopping mall website or online directory you can attract more traffic to your website from the major search engines. Using an online shopping mall or directory as an advertising method is also a great way of targeting people looking to purchase your product. Overtime these listings will also increase your websites link popularity with the search engines, this is always good.

This is Only One Small Part: You should use these online marketing ideas with a good mix of other marketing methods. Such as good Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email Marketing and off line marketing and networking. Look below for even more resources that will hopefully help.

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