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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Marketing and SEO Services Website search engine optimization and promotion is an important part of website design and is very often overlooked. There are also many parts of website optimization and promotion that need to be done together in order to be successful. If you have a new or existing website we can do a FREE website review and look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you at no cost.

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» Website keyword building, keyword tracking, search engine submissions, SEO, SEM, social media, YouTube channel optimization, link building, link exchange can all be very confusing. We can help you make the important marketing decisions about what approach is right for your business website. Review some of these base project "packages" that you may want to do for your website.

Existing Website Build or Rebuild of Meta Tags:
Pricing for this service is $25 per page 10 page minimum.

  • Full Review of the home page and all top level pages and evaluation of website.
  • Update 10 current or new web pages.
  • Develop custom per page title tags.
  • Develop custom per page description tags.
  • Develop custom keyword block tags.
  • Meta tags are all based on client's list of desired keywords and terms.

Existing Web Page Content Updates:
Pricing for this service is $25 per page 10 page minimum.

  • Review of 10 current or new web pages.
  • Review and adjustments to current web page text.
  • Addition of alternate text for images to include keywords.
  • Review of bolded and title text for keyword density.
  • Review of overall internal web page linking and link text.
  • Review and correction of any content keyword spamming.

Website Keyword Tracking:
Pricing is $200 per month for 50 keywords or terms.

  • Top 50 desired keywords/terms listed on a spread sheet.
  • List is based off of website and client's target keyword/terms.
  • Tracked to top 100 ranking in Google to show increases or declines.
  • Spread sheet contains daily search volume to target high value terms better.
  • Spread sheet contains terms landing page URL to track changes.
  • Includes a cross check with client's Google analytics top keywords if available.
  • Includes monthly website health review via Webmaster Tools
  • Suggested list of website changes emailed monthly
  • Additional fees will be added to execute suggested changes.
  • **Recommended with any Meta tag or web content updates.

Google Account Setup:
Pricing is $250 one time fee for items listed below.

  • Using the client's Google account we will install Google stats into a current website. Client's user access to the website files will be required. A common footer file will also be required to place the code on each page.
  • Set up client's Google Analytics Dashboard for basic reporting.
  • An email or phone review of the dashboard will be provided.
  • Set up Google Webmaster Tools and submit sitemap.
  • Hand submit client's home page to Google.
  • Hand submit client's home page to 5 other top search directories.
  • Coaching and review for Google Business Local Maps Listing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of YouTube Channel and Videos:
Pricing is $250 one time fee for items listed below.

  • Create a Title, Description and Tags for one YouTube Channel.
  • Create search engine information for up to 10 YouTube Videos posted on the channel by the client.
  • Develop custom per video title with keyword terms.
  • Develop custom per video descriptions with keyword terms.
  • Develop custom per video keyword tags.
  • Set each video's base category based on content.
  • Requires a base list of at least 10 keyword terms and one short description sentence from the client that reflects what they want their YouTube channel to target most or is about.

*These items can be purchased and performed separately but depending on the website we recommend all these items are done together for optimal results.

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FREE! One hour consulting for all new clients.

FREE! Written estimate with any consultation.

FREE! Google account set up assistance with analytics training!

FREE! Google Business page with Google maps.

FREE! Website link to all our great clients on our Clients List.

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