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What is a Meta Tag and How To Build One Properly

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What is a Meta Tag anyway?

Meta Tags are what most all search engines look at in one form or another when they visit your website to determine how and in what order to list your website in their search index. The Meta tags are located inside the head tag of your web page code, your visitors don't see all of them but without them your website will get significantly fewer targeted visitors.

If you want each of your web pages on your website to be properly listed and categorized by the search engine spiders they should contain all three of these very important Meta tags. Many website tools / blog tools today will let you control at least the Title Tag. If you have a webmaster who updates your website send this article to them ask them if your website is doing everything possible to take advantage of these tags.

- The Title Tag -

This is the single most important tag you need on your web page and it needs to be done right. If your Title Tag says "Home Page" you have a problem.

SEO 101 Tip One: on most search engine result pages the clickable text link for each result is the Title Tag for that web page. In Google the related keywords in your search will be bolded in this clickable link meaning this website is relevant to your search.

» The Title Tag needs to contain as many keywords that apply directly to that web page as possible. This tag should be no more than 60 characters long (including spaces) and make sense to the humane visitor so that they will click on it. Without a good Title Tag your web page stands little chance of coming up as relevant in keyword searches done on search giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Additionally if your Title Tag isn't legible and well-crafted it won't create enough interest to get clicked on.

- Description Tag -

Big surprise – the Description Tag is the second most important tag that you should include on every web page within your website. This tag also needs to be unique per page and contain that web page's keywords, just like your Title Tag.

SEO 101 Tip Two: in most of the search results listed in search engines this will be the short text description listed under the clickable link. This does depend on the search engine; sometimes they will pull actual text from your page if they find it more relevant to your search term. In most search engines you will also see the keywords from your search term bolded in the description showing the website's relevancy to your search.

» You want to craft this tag to be interesting, keyword rich and directly relevant to the web page content it is placed on. It should be no longer than 150 characters (including spaces) and be a legible, easy reading sentence to interest the reader. It should reinforce the Title Tag making readers want to click on your listing. DO NOT duplicate your Title Tag word for word in your description thinking these will double your keyword chances, it won't, it will only look spammy. Each Description Tag should also be unique per page, try to avoid using a blanket Description Tag for most all you web pages. This will result in weak keyword relevancy and doesn't help the search engines easily get the true picture of your web page content.

- Keyword Tag -

The Keyword Tag is the third most important tag that should be included in most all web pages. Over time the Keyword Tag has become less relevant and in some search engines it's not even looked at. But most experts still recommended you should use this Meta tag to cover all your bases with all the search engines.

SEO 101 Tip Three: The Keyword Tag should only contain the words that are actually in the text of the web page so that the tags are truly relevant to the page content.

» The keywords should be in order of importance according the main topic of the page and be no longer than 850 characters (including spaces). You shouldn't repeat any keyword, even with in a phrase, more than three times. If your selected keywords are not also in the web page content some search engines will look at the web page as not relevant enough to list. List your keywords in the order of importance as related to your web page content and title, with the first 8 to 10 keywords or phrases being the most important. Most all search engines will consider the over usage of keywords in the Keyword Tag and / or the content as spamming so be careful not to use any one form of a word more than three times in the keyword tag.

» Using these three search engine friendly tags along with strong, relevant content will work in your favor with search engine spiders that come visit your website over time.

What do search engine spiders look for?
What is a search engine bot anyway would be a good place to start? Also known as spiders that travel the internet and categorize all the content, images and other stuff on websites. Then they help the search engines list these resources out so people can find them.

How to Do Link Exchange on Your Website
It has been said, "Build it, and submit it and they shall come." This is a common misconception. To have your website, especially a new one, indexed by the search engines faster and more thoroughly it's a great idea to exchange links with some other websites. Plus it's free advertising.

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